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Atty. Kerim Altıntaş

Atty. Kerim ALTINTAŞ – Economic & Social Infrastructure Upper Council President, MÜSİAD


After completing his undergraduate studies at Istanbul University Faculty of Law, he completed his LL.M degree in Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law – Economics Law. He is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Islamic Economics and International Finance at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University.

After completing his undergraduate education, Kerim Altıntaş established Altıntaş Law and Consultancy Office in 2003 and started his professional career. IMECE Investment Organization Inc. Board Member served as Altintas, Medipol University Lecturer in the years 2016-2017, 2015-2017 Istanbul University Lecturer as important contributions to Turkey and Istanbul’s business and sector development has been found.

Between 2002 and 2006, he started to work as the Founding President of Genç MÜSİAD. In the following years, he successfully assumed various positions within the organization. As of 2016, he continued to work as the Vice President of MÜSİAD Headquarters. Between 2008 and 2010, he was a founding member and board member of the Language and Literature Association, 2012 – 2014 UTESAV – International Technology Economics Social Research Foundation Board Member, member of Lawyers Association, member of Bridge Group Association, founding member of Istanbul Public Private Sector Cooperation Center of Excellence and He is actively working in many associations and institutions such as Board Member, Founder and Member of Natural Pharmaceutical Association, Member of GİV – Entrepreneur Businessmen Foundation.