T.C. Cumhurbaşkanlığı Himayesinde

Coşkun Yıldırım



After receiving bachelorhood in business administration from Ege University, he conducted training in cost accounting, educational technology and rural sociology, and he worked in these areas applying his knowledge.

By participating in a working group created by Sekerbank management team, he modelled the farmer’s credit cards, which allowed the farmer to find a suitable source of funding. The farmer’s credit card model has become the calling card that many banks use for agricultural lending, and farmers can use for payment during harvest time.
Together with Vodafone, he led the creation of the Farmers Club. Thanks to this project, with special SMS and applications, it reached 1 million 400 thousand farmers and their families and played a leading role in lifestyle changes with information on early warning in agriculture, suitable for the needs of the farmer.
The business model of the Vodafone Farmers Club entered into force in 2015 in India, Ghana, Kenya, New Zealand and Tanzania.

For 14 years he has led all our agricultural activities at TABİT Smart Agricultural Technologies. In this process, he visited more than 12,000 villages and conducted surveys to determine the training needs of these villages. This database is the most complete one being continuously up-to- date.

Based on his rural experience, in 2012 he developed the world’s first Smart Village project, designed to stimulate the use of technology by family farmers, and he implemented mathematical model structure for selecting a site.

In 2015, he began working on this project in Aydin, a Kasaplar village in the Kocharly district, which is the most suitable place for mathematical modelling, and with his family he moved from Istanbul to Aydin. In 2016, adding Vodafone and many global brands to the project idea, he continues his work to turn the flashlights on himself with the work done.

He was honored by Information Technology Institute thanks to the important support he provided in the preparation of Beyaz Kitap (White Paper), which forms 5G and beyond Vision of vertical market and prepared by the Information Technology Institute at the direction of the President of Turkey, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He prepares economic, social and environmental impact assessment reports for the Vodafone Smart Village project prepared as the first research and development and agricultural technology research center in Turkey, and continues to prepare a book for sharing his experiences.