T.C. Cumhurbaşkanlığı Himayesinde

Duygu Eren



After completing her education in Istanbul University, Department of Italian Language and Literature in 1998, she received her master’s degree in International Trade at Istanbul Commerce University. She started her professional career working at European Metal Recycling.

Duygu Eren joined Eren Publishing and Publishing company in 2003, and soon founded the online book sales and e-commerce website. Since 2005, she has assumed the company’s overseas relations and media spokesperson. In 2010, she founded DP Consultancy and Market Research. In 2014, she left the family business by Turkish Time magazine and was named one of the most successful bosses of her own business. Currently the world’s largest and most active angel investment network keiretsu forum, which serves Turkey’s general manager.

Besides her business life, Duygu Eren provides trainings, mentors and organizes personal development, marketing, communication, investment and networking issues. She speaks English, Italian and Spanish. Large Club is a member (Cercle D’Orient) board member, Big Clubs Young Entrepreneurs committee chaired for many years, Turkey Young Businessmen’s Association SDK secretary general is a member for ten years (TUGIAD), TOBB Istanbul Young Entrepreneurs Council communication studies she has been actively working for many years as President of the Group and on the organization committee of the International Cooperation Platform.She continues her volunteer mentorship at Startupbootcamp, Galata Business Angels (GBA), Global Cleantech Innovation Program (GCIP), G3 Forum and Türk Telekom Pilott.