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Ömer Wilson

Ömer WILSON – Marketing Director, DIGITAL REALTY


Omer Wilson is Senior Marketing Manager that is in charge of APAC operations and he is working in Singapore. In 2011, Omer began his work in Digital Realty as Senior Marketing Manager in scope of EMEA. Prior to joining Digital Realty, Omer served as Corporate Solutions and Marketing Manager for EMEA for Jones Lang LaSalle in London, where he managed the company’s market launch activities and competitive bid / pricing strategy.

Omer has worked in a number of fields as in charge of marketing management and product development; including internet technologies, consulting, real estate and media industries. Omer started his education in this field with IBM’s Global Graduation Program and subsequently gained experience in corporate branding and development through the work of PA Consultancy Group in London branch. While working for the PA Group, he was part of the founding team of ‘ProcServe’, a groundbreaking e-commerce company.

Omer is a founding member of Anatolia.Asia (www.anatolia.asia) platform which aims to gain technology start-up and investment especially from Asia (also to Turkey). Anatolia.Asia process works to bring Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computers and Cognitive Computing Solutions to Turkey.

He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Kent and a Diploma in Marketing Management from Duke University. He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK.